The unfortunate truth is that marketing is not a “set it and forget it” activity. It needs constant attention, analysis and refinement.

Datto knows that marketing can be very complex, especially for larger, more complex MSP organizations. That’s why Datto has partnered with Mindmatrix to create MarketNow Concierge- a variety of programs designed to help you simplify and improve your marketing efforts.

Concierge services take the stress of routine marketing tasks off of your hands and allow our team of experts to complete these tasks for you.


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Why MarketNow Concierge?

The MarketNow Concierge program is designed for MSPs with little time but big marketing needs. Our team will take over the everyday tasks needed to drive your marketing and sales efforts: we will set up campaigns on your behalf, integrate your CRM and enhance your MarketNow account with an increased contact limit and other valuable tools.

Our team of software experts will help you:

  • Segment and add contact lists to your account
  • Deploy email and social media campaigns
  • Customize marketing and sales assets
  • Create new marketing and sales materials

...and more!

In addition, each program enhances your account with new content, software features or tools.

What is included in MarketNow Concierge packages?

You can select MarketNow Essentials if you want more content, but also sign up
for additional programs with additional services outlined below:

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    Sales & Marketing
    Concierge Services
    (4 Hours / Month)
  • alt
  • alt
  • alt
    CRM / PSA Integration & Support

Sales & Marketing Concierge Services

  • Sending emails.
  • Editing landing pages.
  • Data cleanup and migration.
  • Editing templates with personalized content.
  • Generating marketing reports.
  • Data scrubbing.
  • Importing and Organizing leads and sales assets.
  • Editing newsletter templates and sending newsletters on a monthly basis.
  • Industry Related Alerts.

Pre-Packaged MSP Content

  • 100+ Emails
  • 300+ Blog posts
  • 1000+ Social posts
  • 30+ E-guides
  • Landing pages

Additional Services

  • Website design & development.
  • Graphic design services including, but not limited to Logos, Postcards, Sales Presentations.

To learn more about our programs, contact us today or sign up now